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All Souls Day Prologue
All souls day: Prologue
It was running faster than any human could ever go. But not as fast as a car. The creature growled, spraying blood 'This was much easier when you humans were still learning how to crawl around in the mud.' It's ears pricked at the faint squeal of an engine in the distance. 'Well, I think it is time to go, let us see how you fare without me, little one.'
With a final burst of speed it catapulted itself out of harms reach and began to speed towards the sky, into the heavens (although perhaps it would have laughed at the irony of that sentence).
By rights the girl should be dead, but her strong, youthful heart still pumped blood which gushed from the gashes littering her body. She spun through the air, unconscious, locked inside her own body, as she had been for days. Her childish form smacked into the ground with the awful sound of crunching bone. She bounced twice, flailing like some hideous, bloodied puppet, until finally coming to a rest. Crimson blood oozed sl
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Hunter by daughterofares97 Hunter :icondaughterofares97:daughterofares97 1 0
What the centaur saw
Commander Trouble Kelp of the Lower Elements Police was a courageous man. There were, of course, people he was wary of; Opal Koboi, Artemis Fowl and his bodyguard Butler, and of course Holly Short (that girl could really kick) But, like most brave men, Trubs had an arch nemesis, one so terrifying he felt like curling into a ball and hiding under the nearest table when greeted by this creature.
This was, of course, his mother.
Violet Kelp was as far from a beautiful, delicate flower as one can get. At 110 cm she was gargantuan (for a fairy at least) with shoulders broader than even her eldest son. The wooden rolling pin she wielded with the grace and skill only a true pro could muster did not help the matter one bit.
Of course, it had been a while since Trouble had borne the brunt of the wooden kitchen utensil, but it had not lost the terror factor. A fact dearest Trubs was rudely reminded of as he stepped into his apartment one evening to see Violet Kelp, rolling pin smacking persisten
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The neverending nightmare
Ever since Wally West had acquired his super powers his parents had made sure to enjoy as many non-meta activities with him as possible. Perhaps this was why Barry Allen was surprised when Rudy West asked him to teach Kid Flash how to drive. But, if his nephew and sidekick- erm partner- needed his help, who was he to refuse?"
The second the teen's foot hit the accelerator, however, the Flash knew he had been given a raw deal.
1) Slippery when wet:
"Wally, No! When the road is wet, slow down around corners"
"Oh relax, the tires are built to griiiiiiip!...Uncle Barry."
"Yes Wally."
"I think I'm dead."
"Me too Kid."
2) Soft Shoulder:
"Wally, when a sign says 'Soft Shoulder' it means the side of the road is crumbly."
"Yeah, so?"
"Get your head of my shoulder and look at the road."
"But it's so soft..."
"Wally, DITCH!"
3) No right turn:
"Wally, no right turn means you can't turn that way!"
"It doesn't matter, we're fine."
"The people in the cars behind us aren't!"
"That's their fault. They
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Kiss me
Batman was, as usual, loitering in the shadows. Why? Because he was the goddamn Batman, that's why. And, what's more, he didn't trust that upstart speedster, Kid Flash, to not corrupt his little Robin. It was bad enough that he had been manipulated by his ward into letting him stay at his friend's house, but he was not going to let them go unsupervised.
And if the next sentence the Dark Knight heard was any indication, he had every right to be worried.
"Come on, Rob, give me a kiss."
The Dark Knight stiffened at the young speedster's comment, but his infamous temper was assuaged by his young ward's stern reply.
"No Wally, go away."
"Aww, come on Dick." Damn Richard for telling that pathetic sidekick his secret identity!
"No, piss off KF." Snarled Robin, obviously attempting to intimidate the taller boy. As much as Batman agreed with his ward's sentiment, he would have to have a word with him about his language.
"Fine Dick." sighed the red head "I don't want to do this, but you give me
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Prince Zuko was allowed two weeks of recuperation after the Agni Kai.
How generous of his Father.
Still, he was so weak that he could hardly walk, and the pain in the left side of his face was so great that it would have prevented him from smiling, even if he had the inclination to do so.
He hurt. He was in agony, but as his trembling legs carried him unwillingly up the ramp to his ship he was far too proud to ever admit it. His face throbbed from his father's fiery blasts, and, like the child he was, he wanted nothing more than to hide himself away and bemoan the injustice of it all. If it wasn't for the countless watchful eyes, ready to swoop down and pick at any fault, any disgrace to the family name he would have broken down and cried.
His Uncle, the only member of his family who had stayed, put a comforting hand on his shoulder as they boarded the ship and greeted the crew. Prince Zuko shook it off. Even at thirteen he was arrogant; he wouldn't shame himself that way. Enough unjus
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I'm part of you by daughterofares97 I'm part of you :icondaughterofares97:daughterofares97 1 4
I'm too proud to ever admit it, but when the announcement came that two tributes from the same district could win I almost jumped for joy.
It was all her fault of course. I'm not exactly sure when and how, but one way or another that sadistic, murderous little girl – no. woman - managed to worm her way into my as yet untouched heart. But now we will never be able to have the future we could – no should – have had. Thanks to him, thanks to that bastard from that stupid, insignificant agriculture district. But who was I kidding? Her death was all my fault.
All mine.
I should never have let her go alone. Never. But she begged so hard to kill that irrelevant chit of a girl from district 12, I just couldn't say know. She wanted so desperately to give the Capitol and her family a show, just like she had been trained to do.
It was a good plan, she would take out 12, while I stayed back and killed that 11 brute. But I misjudged the situation, grew cocky. Everyone always told me
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Keep calm by daughterofares97 Keep calm :icondaughterofares97:daughterofares97 39 19
The Dolts of Olympus
The dolts of Olympus
Leo, Jason, Percy Annabeth and Piper were just standing around in the arena, chatting about this and that. All was going well when Piper and Annabeth excused themselves to talk about 'girl stuff', also known as what to get the boys for Christmas presents.
The boys soon became bored, so Jason and Percy decided to go get their swords and practice sparring. Leo, who was still sad because he had been rejected by Lily (in his opinion 'the most beautiful Hermes girl ever!') for the fifth time in the past two hours, decided to stay and sulk.
Just moments after the two boys left, Annabeth and Piper came to the decision that they should buy their boyfriends. So, happily they walked back over to where the boys had just been. But, where had they gone? Where could they be?
Worried, Annabeth immediately grabbed Leo's shoulders and started shaking him violently, screaming 'Where are they?" (she had been a little clingy ever since the Hera incident)
Leo, still sad for being turne
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Bring me the boy... by daughterofares97 Bring me the boy... :icondaughterofares97:daughterofares97 40 16 The choice is yours... by daughterofares97 The choice is yours... :icondaughterofares97:daughterofares97 58 72 Christie Matthews by daughterofares97 Christie Matthews :icondaughterofares97:daughterofares97 2 2


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